Saturday, December 13, 2014

...and the winners are...

Congratulations to the amazing participants who joined in for a little holiday cheer and won the GOTH GARDENING GIFT GIVING contest! The bats Frost, Candy, and Carol from The Occasional Bat are preparing to fly off to good homes!
Check out the winners! And while doing so, please consider some of these charitable organizations when seeking holiday gifts this season.

CryptKicker who shared about growing up in the woods of Washington State and how bats were always present, and brought our attention to  For the Bats, a charity that creates “dark music” compilations to benefit bat rescue and rehabilitation. I’ll be buying Volumes I and II for sure. Check out the full post here:

Sylvie over at Little Corp Goth Girl, who I might add was this blogs very first follower!, blogged about supporting Bat World Sanctuary and adopting a bat via sponsorship . Check out her full post:

and finally,
Lucretia , a SECOND time Goth Gardening contest winner, shared a personal story about a weekend camping trip as well as some interesting facts about bats. She also shared the most amazing holiday card ever! Check out her post:

Again, thanks to the participants and all who read these posts.
CryptKicker and Sylvie of Little Corp Goth Girl, please send your address to so I can get your new little friend to you!


  1. woo-HOOO!!! I really did not expect to win this one, too. Thank you!!! :-) ^ ^ (Those are bat ears.)

    1. You're welcome! Hope you love your new little friend :D

  2. Frost arrived today, yippeeee!! I think it's cool that they have their own little name certificates. And I got him in time for the holidays, too. Thanks again!! :-)