Wednesday, July 13, 2016 October Brownie in July...

Time will not wait, for young or old
Prize every moment
as it’s told
~Palmer Cox

Brownies by Mary Meyers is based on the series, The Brownies (late 1890s) by Canadian illustrator and author Palmer Cox. Their first appearance in a print publication was in 1879 but it wasn’t until 1883 that they had their first proper story The Brownies' Ride, appearing in St. Nicholas Magazine. This, of course, reminded me of Professor Z since, if I remember correctly, it is somewhat related to her academic research.

from Brownies Through the Union, 1894
Mythological Brownies never allow themselves to be seen by mere mortals. They are little sprites who are supposed to delight in harmless pranks; yet, while they are mischievous members of the fairy world, their main characteristic is helping with chores while a family sleeps.

This little "Brownie October with Pumpkin" was so adorable that I brought him home to see if he would help with our household chores ;) While he hasn't actually cleaned anything from what I can tell, he has inspired me to clean my closet and tidy my drawers. It's either him or the looming chapter deadline but I'll just say it's him for now.

He was purchased, or rather rescued, from one of our favorite Americana stores in Colonial Williamsburg, Craft House, which has all kinds of wonderful finds including some amazing folk art. Years ago, we bought our face jugs from there. This time, they had a collection of Brownies from Mary Meyers, which included all of the seasons and some specific holidays including a Brownie with fire crackers dressed in red, white, and blue. There was just something about this little guy's face that caught my eye and made it so that I couldn't walk away without him. 

The artist, who grew up in Virginia, has many nutcrackers listed on her site including a fun Krampus nutcracker. Her art is how she makes a living, which I think it pretty darn cool. As she writes on your website, " do not have to grow up or should I say give up your childhood dreams." Not bad advice from a woman who was able to create a tree topper nutcracker for the White House ;


  1. BROWNIES!!!! OMG! You lucky black ducky, you! Yes, Palmer Cox's Brownies are HYSTERICAL and yes, they are totally related to my research since I deal with St. Nick and art in periodicals. :D Hey, hey don't forget: Kodak's Brownie camera was named after Cox's funny little critters and they even showed up in the ads for the camera.

  2. Just remember to take care of him and show him gratefulness or he'll turn into a Biggara and trash the house, hee hee!

  3. When I was a child my elementary school gym teacher would let us play a game he called "Brownies and Fairies". The class would be divided into two groups with each group at either end of the gym. One group would turn their backs to the middle of the gym as the other group would try to sneak up on them and touch them. The teacher would yell "the Brownies are coming or the Fairies are coming" and that was our clue to turn around and run after them. I never knew why he chose that name for the game until just now. LOL RL