Saturday, November 7, 2015

...these boots were made for walking (literally!)...

The weather here has been a mix of Fall-Summer-Spring-Fall-Spring-Summer so I’ve been wearing my open-toe shoes. This isn’t unusual. I have been known to wear summery shoes into December partly because the weather here is pretty mild and partly because I’m super stubborn and like to hold on to foot-freedom for as long as I can.

Tonight I went out looking for some closed-toe shoes and ended up finding Jafa boots which are handmade in Israel. Their website reads, “Our footwear is created for the woman whose fashion persona stands out from the crowd but whose busy life has no place for painful, poorly fitting shoes.”

This boot is 671 and considered their flagship boot. The boots include oversized buttons which I adore, and elastic laces. These are dark grey. The style doesn’t come in black but the dark grey looks more like beat-up black than grey to me. 

The round toe gives a nice amount of room for those of us who tend to wiggle our toes; and, of course the round toe is adorable and feminine. The shoes are leather (I know! I know! I’m even vegetarian so I try to avoid this). It’s a soft burnished leather that snugs the ankles… those elastic laces give so that even if you have thicker ankles, it gives. I’m not hating on my ankles just pointing out a fact! :p I actually like my ankles.  Finally, the shoes have a 3 inch platform so it looks like a heel without being painful.

I can’t wait to commute in these. I’ve been wearing them around the house and I’m super thrilled that I found a boots that don’t require socks!


  1. They are great looking! I wish there were more actually comfortable shoes that are pretty at the same time. :)

    1. I will only wear comfortable shoes now! Fly London has been my recent go-to brand. I also like Earthies and Clark's. You have to search through their collections for cool styles.

  2. Replies
    1. Especially since I was just going in for Mary Jane's! :)

  3. Those are gorgeous! I love boots!

  4. Ah, these boots are so gorgeous! I want them! I have small ankles but wider calves which makes boot fit harder sometimes.

  5. Wow, they are amazing! I'll go check the internet if anyone delivers these to Germany...