Monday, November 16, 2015

...Oh Halloween Tree...

In the corner of my dining nook, I have a black tree with pearls. It goes with my décor so the tree remains there throughout the year although I believe I bought it several years ago during the Christmas season. I remember it sitting near other similar trees although those trees had beads had multiple colors and probably appeared much more “Christmas” to other shoppers.

I love trees! On my eighteenth birthday, my friend gifted me a leyland cypress.  It was one of the best gifts I had ever received and it lived for years while I was away at college. I believe my dad accidently hit it with the lawn mower and that was that.

I gravitate toward tree decorations from cartoony Dr. Seuss style trees to modern displays to even actual tree branches. Just glancing around my home, I see tree-shaped candle holders, and two other tree figurines. My fella and I will have three Christmas trees in the house during the season and that's only because we currently do not have any room for my mega wrought-iron ornament tree.

While my fella and I went out to the movies on Saturday, we decided to eat a local restaurant housed inside the mall. Christmas has exploded. Nearly every store has their Christmas displays in the windows and throughout the store.

While we were walking off our drinks and going in and out of stores, I found myself looking for the left-behind sale items. Again, I went into Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn just to visit the leftover Halloween shelf.  The items are dwindling and I’m sure by next week they won’t even be there. But while we were walking around Pottery Barn, I saw this little tree that I don’t recall seeing during Halloween. I saw the larger versions that were nearly half as tall as me but I hadn’t seen this little guy. More than half off, I scooped him up knowing that he would be just perfect beside my haunted house display. I don’t think that it looks over-the-top Halloween by any means; it actually looks a bit more winter-like. So here it is… a new friend coming home to join the other tree displays in my home.


  1. Oh, what a wonderful little tree! I used to have a branch with little crystals! A friend had something similar but LED, would love to have one in the future!