Sunday, November 8, 2015

...a little bit of spirit & a case of the in-betweens...

The best Christmas trees
come very close to exceeding nature.
~Andy Rooney

This evening I went for a stroll around my town. While in many ways I’m holding on to Halloween (and will carry it in my heart all year long), I’m starting to get a little ting of the Christmas Spirit and my town isn’t discouraging it at all! 

Look at us with our Christmas tree already up and lit; look at the promises that the town is going to look like a postcard (not sure where they’re going to find the snow :p). 

Tonight many of the houses in town appeared to be giving their lights and Christmas decorations a test drive. 

Look…we really can’t judge. We were shopping for Halloween in July and our hearts are big enough for multiple holidays. Plus, for many of us Halloween is a lifestyle choice. Christmas, to me, is the most magical time of year.

I’m obsessed with Christmas movies. I watched two Hallmark Channel Christmas movies last night.

My very favorite movie is It’s a Wonderful Life. Those who know me know that I cry even talking about it. I lovelovelove all things Bing Crosby! White Christmas! Holiday Inn! I own them; I go to the classic movie showings at the local theaters; I go to see the play versions when they’re available. Swoon!

Last Saturday night, I was at the mall and ended up meeting one of my friends who adores Christmas. In Crate & Barrel and in Pottery Barn, he bought Christmas ornaments; I bought the leftover Halloween items.  

My love for Peppermint Mochas even surpasses my love for Pumpkin Spice lattes. But, of course, I write this while I’m eating a pumpkin spice cookie, a batch that I made for my fella tonight.  I've got a case of the in-betweens!

Kids, we gotta keep Halloween in our hearts all year long!

Merry Everything! I’m ready :) 


  1. YES! YES! YES! HOLY CANDY CANES! YES! Can I tell you, the Rockefeller Tree was installed (put up? sounds weird) ON FRIDAY! I flipped my crap when I saw the news headlines that they selected it and it was on it's way! 78 feet of awesome! WAHOO! Ed and I are going to see it this Friday. It's not lit yet, but this is my holiday tradition. I like to have a moment with the tree before everyone fawns all over it and it gets a big, evergreen head. hehehehe ... Yup, me with my Peppermint Mocha, Ed with his silly smile, SQUEE!

    And yes, it's true. We were shopping for Halloween in July. Some folks -- us included, dear friend -- LOVE. ADORE. LOVE this time of year. Come on, the Holiday Season starts on October 1!!! WAHOOO! Let those jingle bells ring loud and clear (says the gal with holiday wine in her cup and Christmas music playing!).

    Don't forget A Miracle on 34th Street. A NYC classic!

    1. Aww, I love it! I'm so excited for you two that you get to see the tree! I cannot even imagine a 78 ft tree. That's got to be magical!

      Yep, I love _Miracle_ too :)

      Johnathan and I booked our visit to *Maymont at Moonlight* (a Victorian estate) which will include a reenactment of the estate owner's first Christmas in their new home in 1893. Aside from a gorgeously decorated house, they'll have horse-drawn carriage rides and a bonfire :) I can't wait! Plus, there are three Krampusnacht events to attend this year :) I might be a little more than excited about the holiday season :D

  2. I love the plate! At least you can rewatch Nightmare Before Christmas as a Christmas film too!

    1. Very true! It was considered a Christmas movie, right?

  3. Christmas was never a big of a deal when I was growing up. However, that all changed a few years back; for no reason at all. Speaking of Hallmark Channel Christmas flicks, The Christmas Ornament (2013) must be my fave.

  4. Christmas can wait a little longer, I never get in the mood before November is over. But I kindly mix Halloween and Christmas as one month of Halloween is far too short and cookies taste good no matter the form.

  5. I love Christmas too! It's my favourite time of year. And gingerbread lattes are my favourite!