Wednesday, June 18, 2014 and cheese, and details

It's almost officially summer which means having guests over. Tonight, my 20+ year friend is coming over to catch up. He's one of my favorite guests because he appreciates the little details (e.g. the tiny bat pick in the bread, the skull picks in the cheese, and the napkins). I can't imagine a better way to achieve one's daily fruit consumption than with sangria (all organic fruits!) This makes me think about a few weeks ago when a colleague brought in a hand full of mint, which she had clipped from her very own garden. I popped a sprig into my soda water and it worked magic! This morning I planted my very own mint (Mint Julep and Peppermint) in my garden. Now I have to wait patiently for it to grow so I can enjoy it.... just like I'm waiting patiently to enjoy tonight's treats,


  1. Don't worry, it never takes long for mints to grow and spread! Just remember, now that it's there, you will never get rid of it. NEVER...

    1. I've heard that they take over! :D

    2. That's an understatement! You don't EVEN want to know...