Tuesday, June 17, 2014

... sunshine deserves a big hat

"Some sunshine is good for the soul, but I always make sure I wear a big hat." ~ Miranda Kerr

My mother has always liked me in hats. I rarely wear them because I think they will make me hotter than I already am. I was surprised to stumble upon the San Diego Hat Company Ribbon Crusher. With a UPF 50+, the highest rating in UV protection, and its lightweight feel, I couldn’t help but pop it on my head. 

I’ll be honest; I was torn between the black and white stripes and the fully black hat. I tried them both on and off a good dozen times. Because my latest mantra is that I can never wear enough stripes (when wearing black everyday a stripe is certainly a “pop of color”), I finally purchased this one. It screams fun! And well, since they were only $30, I may just go back to pick up the black one.
Every gardener needs a good hat. This one will be more for strolls in the garden than actual labor… but still.


  1. I LOVE that hat! I would have struggled to choose between stripes and straight black too, but the stripes really do look gorgeous!

  2. Thanks! I really thought I would end up with the black hat but the stripes just seemed so fun!

  3. Great hat! I love hats, but work in an office and it seems silly to wear them inside. I've got to bring mine out again and start wearing them anyway!

    1. One of the great features of this hat is that it is made of ribbons... when you're inside, you can fold it up and when you're ready to go outdoors it pops back into shape!

    2. Oh, wow, that's fabulous!!!

  4. Big hats are awesome, especially when it's sunny!