Friday, August 10, 2018

... my last garden...

If you read one of my previous posts, you know that this summer has been a whirlwind of buying, moving, and selling houses. Today at 4pm *knock on wood* the buyer should close on the townhouse and we will return to being one-house-homeowners.

I walked through my new garden this morning. We have a tiny pumpkin growing. If he makes it, I will share him with you soon. There are blooms that I did not expect this year. We dug up and moved as many of the plants as we could and planted them here at our new home. Some did not make it. Some have balled up and decided that maybe they will consider life next spring. And, some, despite all the odds and doing what experts say not to do when transplanting precious gardens, have bloomed beautifully.

This morning I am reflecting about the old garden and its last blooms because that place will never be the same as it was; and, neither will I. 



  1. It makes me very happy that you were able to transplant your babies to the new place and that some of them survived ... and are thriving. It's a good omen.

  2. I've seen the photos of your new lovely home, and I'm sure it will become fabulous, so will your new garden. Moving only a short distance can change the circumstances for gardening completely. Some things that I never could grow in my old garden is thriving as weed in my new.. and the other way around.