Thursday, August 2, 2018

...home haunted home...

Since my last post, I have finished teaching a summer class on historic cemeteries, published a chapter on vampires in adolescent literature, visited 13 cemeteries in San Antonio, bought a new house, moved to a new house, transported as much of my garden as possible to a new house, and put the townhome on the market, which is now under contract. 

I feel like I am forgetting something… oh, right! The house we purchased needed a new roof, needed gutters and downspouts, and needed its crawlspace to be gutted and repaired. Check, check, and check! And, when I learned that we could not have the custom wood blinds like I had in the townhome (it’s not only the aesthetic that I prefer but I grew up with a granddaddy who owned his own wood blind shop), I decided that I needed a picket fence. Wood outside since I cannot have wood inside, I suppose. The fences, a picket fence out front and a privacy fence for part of the backyard, went up last week. That was right after my fella was attacked by the meanest, badedst yellow jackets around AND after my mother-in-law had another heart attack. Oy! It’s been a busy two months. 

But, I have been nesting and starting to slow down. There are a few more maintenance to-dos before we head into the fall including having the fence stained black.

Here are a few pictures of our new home. It’s going to be the most perfect Halloween house!

Top picture is before the new roof; the bottom picture is the after with the black roof shingles

Added black gutters and downspouts, which beautifully outlines the house
Who doesn't swoon over her black downspouts?!?
Added a picket fence. This will be stained black in the next month or so.


  1. Your new home looks gorgeous and nice to hear your settling in.

  2. Sharon, it's such a handsome house and I LOVE that black roof and the downspouts! The brown shingles were just wrong for it. Congratulations on a great new home! Is there a good fireplace?
    So sorry to hear of the family medical emergencies; I hope everyone is doing well now. I too did all I could to move my garden plants when we bought the farmhouse, with similar results. Lost some and some adapted. I am really jealous of your beautiful black columbine. I'm still trying to get that plant for my mourning garden.