Thursday, September 7, 2017

...losses and gains in life and in gardens...

The weedwacking saga has come to an end. Yesterday, in the pouring rain, the resurrected hibiscus plants produced beautiful flowers. There were five red blooms on one plant, and two pink blooms with bud blooming today. They are beautiful and magical, and exactly what I needed to see at the start of what will be a busy September leading into an even busier October.
In the truest of miracles, the hibiscus blooms that tend to only stay for a mere day, stayed blooming into this morning so that I could see them without the rain showers. They’re a bit messy but I think they’re amazing.

This year, the pumpkin vine grew and grew but did not produce any pumpkins. It’s still nice to look at though, and I have plenty of faux pumpkins around the house to keep my spirits up.

Today while I work, I have Witches Brew burning in a Yankee candle display from a few years ago. It’s a gate with a pumpkin and fall leaves. I always think of it as a cemetery gate. And, speaking of cemeteries, I brought home my cemetery terrarium. It was not doing well at all since my office does not get the best light. Still, no complaints because I do have a window.


  1. My pumpkins did not produce. It must not be a good year for them. My sister has a green thumb and she only has a couple. She pollinated them herself. Maybe that is an idea for next year.

  2. We have only one type of hibiscus that survives outside here (but I have 4 inside). They are pinkish-purple to blue and if you're lucky you can find a double blooming one. Yes, it's on my to-get list :)