Wednesday, August 23, 2017

...Darkling Tag-- You're IT!...

I was tagged by The Curious Professor Z which means that I fill out this little questionnaire and tag three Gothy Darklings. I will tag Jade at Daughter of a Jaded Era, App’y at App’y Talk, and Connie at Hartwood Roses.
Getting to know me! Getting to know all about me ….

  • What is your favourite candle scent? Yankee Candle’s Home for the Holidays (It’s actually a cinnamon Christmas scent and I love cinnamon everything!)
  • Do you have a favourite book? Probably Dracula by Bram Stoker
  • Are you a tea or coffee person? Coffee
  • What is your favourite perfume/cologne? Dior’s Hypnotic Poison. I just bought Kat Von D’s Sinner; I like it a lot but it doesn’t have much staying power on me.
  • Do you have a celebrity crush? Julian Sands
  • If you could change your name to a stereotypical 90s/2000s gothy name, what would it be? AuKToBR will always be my favorite goth name. That was my first love. I wrote a Zine, Strange People Anonymous by Spooky & Boo. I was Boo back in the late 80s.
  • What are your top three tips for surviving hot weather while black clad? Natural fibers, a parasol with UV protection, and open-toe shoes. If my feet are hot, I’m not nice.
  • What song always makes you happy (doesn’t have to be a goth band?)  “Passenger” by Siouxsie and the Banshees. I’ll stop in place to dance.
  • Are you active in the arts (eg. Play an instrument, paint, write, etc)? I played flute and piccolo but that was many moons ago. I write but not so much for pleasure as much as for research so I suppose that doesn’t count.  I do make a mean shadow-box. I’m more of a craftiest than an artist.  
  • What is your number one non-gothy hobby? I suppose gardening in that I delight in all plants and flowers, not just the dark ones.
Thought Provokers:
  • If you could be a supernatural creature, what would it be and why? I just sent my fella a text asking if a necromancer is considered a supernatural “creature”. He’s a DM; he’ll know. Follow-up: My fella said no that they’re sorcerers so I’m going with troll because they hide under bridges and jump out to scare people. This afternoon that strikes me as very funny.
  • What horror monster-bases super power would you have? Ummm, bring back the dead because that’s what necromancers do.
  • Do you feel confident or comfortable interacting with other Goths or gothy people (online or irl)? Why or why not? It defends; are they nice or are they assholes?
  • Is there something you wish there was more of in your subculture? I wish there were more of us like-minded peeps in the same region. We don’t have to be in the same city but it would be nice if we didn’t have to travel so far to be around one another.
  • Care to share an embarrassing story related to your “darkliness”? I don’t embarrass easily so it’s
  • How are you at DIY? I’m good with pretty much everything that requires serious measurements because I’m also sort of lazy and I eyeball things. I’m VERY good and eyeballing, which only makes me lazier because then I never measure.
Confessional (aka True or False):
  • I love watching cheese romance films. I love Black/ African-American Romantic comedies. They’re actually funny whereas ones with predominately white actors are not… to me.  
  • I ALWAYS remember to wash off my makeup at night. Absolutely!
  • I sleep with plushies. Yep, I have a stuffed bat pillow named Batty that does a dance at 4:30am each morning to entertain my fella.
  • I wear non-black pyjamas most nights. I usually wear t-shirts and boxers with cemetery scenes or skulls so no, I’m nearly always in black. I do have some pink bat pajamas that I love.
  • I think Andrew Eldrich is overrated. I would be lying if I said Yes.
  • I don’t like vampires. *laughs hysterically* If that’s asked, you don’t know me at all.
  • I don’t like clubs. I miss going to clubs. We have a local one but I’m just 15 years older than everyone and my bedtime is usually when the place opens so…
  • I don’t enjoy graveyards. I run a cemetery group.
  • Blood makes me queasy. If it’s mine, yes.
  • I’d sooner faint than pet a spider. I suppose one means large spiders. I have this vision of me attempting to pet tiny spiders and end up squishing them because they’re so tiny.
  • I don’t like haunted houses. Not true.
  • I’ve never read Dracula. I read it annually and teach it.
  • I think “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” is a long and boring song. I love that song.
So there you have it, some fun for today!


  1. Thanks for the tag. This was fun. My post with the answers to these questions is up now.

  2. This was fun to read, Sharon! We have a number of things in common. WRT the spider question, I like spiders; I usually catch tiny spiders and put them outside if I can, rather than killing them. But one time many moons ago I chaperoned my dd's kindergarten field trip to a nature center. The ranger offered up the biggest, hairiest frickin' tarantula ever for someone to hold and let crawl on them...and there was my little girl looking hopefully at me! I let it crawl all over me, stayed outwardly cool and never let on that I wanted to toss it off and run! A whole nother ball game when they are that big and prickly! ^_^