Monday, June 29, 2015

... recent burst of activities and shopping finds...

Scotch broom back upright & new Owl art on fence

My fella headed out to his gaming group so despite the future Kindle recommendation consequences I downloaded Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny by Holly Madison, made a cocktail, popped in a frozen pizza and sat out in my secret garden.  It’s been a very busy few days.

beautiful access panel :D
after I cut the drywall
Yesterday I was like the energizer bunny. We headed over to my fella’s house to meet an electrician at 8am. The electrician installed three lights which made me fussy because I totally could have done the job. Mind you it would have taken me much longer but just like when I installed a dimmer switch in my dining nook, once you learn how to do something you feel totally confident in doing it again.  He did FINALLY let me install an access panel over a jagged hole that had been left by a previous repairman. Mind you it was behind the refrigerator but still it needed to be fixed. I filed away at drywall until I was able to place a small access panel within the wall. It turned out great! After that, we purchased appliances, hauled stuff from his house to the dump, up-righted the scotch broom which fell during a storm, destroyed a wasp nest, secured the large butterfly bush just in case of another storm, pruned the backyard, set up the new owl art, pruned the side and front yard gardens, set up a contraptions to secure the hibiscus in front, side and backyards against storm/wind damage, weeded backyard, set up a contraption to further secure the pumpkin patch, sprayed for bugs, and then hosed down the patio.
Local artist's work "Snack Time"

I just had to :D
I realize I’m going backwards in time but I have to point out that while my weekend did include a ton of work around the house and errands, it also included a great deal of fun including lunch and shopping with Connie and her daughter on Thursday, and then thrifting/oddity shopping/ supporting local artists on Saturday with my fella’s colleague and her daughter. We all came away with some amazing finds!They even took home an antique child's coffin!
Oddfellows Ritual Box! Score!!!
Goodwill $12 find!

Headed to work tomorrow and if the weather cooperates, I may try to sneak over to a cemetery. We’ll see.Tonight, I'm headed to bed with my book. I am tuckered.

Crow yard art


  1. Nice scores Goth Gardener, especially that $12 Goodwill item whatever it may be! Candelabra? Whatever it is, it's very cool. :)

    1. Ha ha ha I think I actually said, "whatever it is, I have to have it." It is a candelabra but the base really looks like it should fit over something. Who knows.

    2. Isn't it a end-of-staircase-railing-knob-candelabra then..? :)

    3. I thought that maybe it could be :D

  2. That cabdelabra!!!! Dying of jealousy!!!

    Can I ask what is that in your wall? It looks like raw meat!

  3. Hmmm, sounds a lot more fun than MY day... ;-)

  4. The candelabra was totally intended for you, and I love the Oddfellows box! It was another great day with you, dear. Friends, food, and fun ... perfect!

    Great work on the drywall hole.

    1. It was!

      Proving I can own an old house one DIY at a time :)