Thursday, January 30, 2020

...wee plant post...

I’m trying to write but I am so distracted. 

*whispers* spring is coming. 

Also, take a peep at the start of the spooky shed!


  1. My interest is thoroughly piqued by the spooky shed - of which I now completely want one of my own. :)

    How beautiful that spring is beginning to visibly stir already on your end. We've got enough snow here still to shot a Santa themed movie in, but with any lucky, we'll start to see the bare ground again in about two months (give or take).

    Have a fabulous Friday!

    ♥ Autumn

  2. It's snowing here today, and the wind is so strong I'm a little nervous the shingles will start blowing off the roof! The shed is looking amazing - that must be so exciting!!! Also ... plants blooming already? WTH. ;)

    The spouse just advised yesterday that he is putting aside the restoration of the old grain truck he was thinking of making into a gypsy caravan (since he's not even sure he can get it running), and will start working on a small greenhouse/playhouse for the granddaughter instead. To say I'm thrilled to have another building to decorate doesn't even begin to cover it. lol

  3. There is an unmistakable thrill to spring's return. We've scarcely started to experience it here yet, but with any luck, we'll begin to see more concrete signs of the new season around late March/early April (give or take a smidge).

    May you have a serene, joy filled February with lots of early spring sunshine to help those gorgeous plants rush back to life.

    ♥ Autumn