Sunday, January 22, 2017

...a love that was more than love...

“…we loved with a love that was more than love…”
~ Edgar Allan Poe

Tomorrow I am teaching Edgar Allan Poe's short story "William Wilson." While I was digging through some of my papers, I found an article my dad saved for me from AAA Magazine in 2014. I scanned it so my students could read it. It's short and reads like a travelogue but I thought maybe it would inspire one of them to go up to see Poe's grave in Baltimore.

This inspired me to look in my old anthology of Poe where I have all these amazing article clippings that my dad has saved for me over the years. I have clippings from the early 1990s (90, 91, 92, 94)... I have a few where silly-me removed the date. Sigh. Oh well. They're all about the Poe Toaster and it's neat to go through and read about the mystery.

On Saturday, I went to Poe's birthday bash as the Richmond Poe Museum. It's always fun and at this point I know many of the people who work there so it's like family. They change their exhibits often so there is always something cool to see.

Tonight I’m a bit sentimental as I peruse these articles remembering how much my dad has always shown me that he cares… usually it involves paper and a red pen mark denoting that the item is to be placed in a pile to be saved for me.  


  1. What a lucky woman you are to have such a thoughtful father.

  2. Your dad is so caring and lovely! <3

  3. I love that poem! The beautiful Annabel Lee, in a kingdom by the sea... I put it to music years ago, when I was a teen; I can just remember a tiny bit of the music now. I don't know about you, but I actually enjoy his poetry more than most of his stories.

  4. PS I've been meaning to tell you, every time you post a Poe blog or do a review of one of his stories or poemsI always go read the piece in question in my collected works volume. It's full of gems but is so large it can be a bit daunting without guidance, and it's nice to dip into various stories at odd times.

    1. Aww, thanks! I love that you do that!

      One of the great things about living close to the Richmond Poe Museum is their Unhappy Hour events. They're usually themed to one of Poe's works and I'm always inspired to do my homework before I go. If not, I tend to get into a rut and read the same things over and over again. I think repeat reading is both a benefit (since I'm an ENG professor) and a curse ;D