Tuesday, November 1, 2016

...poetry in tea...

“… there is a great deal of poetry
and fine sentiment
in a chest of tea.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Thanks to my blogger friend, Alicia at Retired Gothic for being such a great enabler, not that it required much persuasion; I purchased some of the awesome Halloween finds from David’s Tea because of her. Okay, fine. I purchased ALL of the Halloween finds from David’s Tea. You can catch some of the items on sale now. Now I’m officially in spending time-out until July or whenever Halloween starts gracing the shelves again.

I’ve always been a coffee drinker so I ordered the items explicitly because they were adorable Halloween items; but, I have to admit that I’ve sort of fallen in love with Stormy Night. With chocolate, cinnamon, coconut, and vanilla…what’s not to love really?!?

The tea arrived just in time for me to have a serious cold. I think David’s Tea helped nurse me back to wellness. Really, that makes Alicia a life-saver and not just an enabler ;P

Last night while I was in class, my fella and I couldn't be in the same place but we were together in spirit (with cookies & tea!)

I think I prefer tea over coffee to contemplate the dead, those who have passed and taken little bits of my heart.

Happy Hallowmas!


  1. I love your Halloween goodies. I'm now on time out for my spending I do lve your goodies.

  2. Aww, thank you! I am so happy to hear that you love the teas as much as I do. My blog is quiet now but you never know what inspiration might come out, when you are a 'life-saving enabler' - LOL. Hugs - Alicia

    1. Like how I weaved a little peer pressure in my post? ;D

      I saw that you turned off your old posts but I believe that we all blog for different reasons. If you're not feeling it, you're not feeling it. BUT... as a horror film watcher, I know that some dead things have a way of returning ;D

    2. Yup, blogs do have a way of returning. I just know something is going to come in mind, especially deep in winter. That is why I am keeping this blog corner - I can't tell you how many blogs my hippy sister has! LOL - I like to keep it to 1 out there ;)

    3. It's Baaaaccccckkkkk! LOL, new entry and new life to my blog once more. :)

    4. :D Once a blogger, always a blogger!

  3. There are lots of caffine free teas that are so good at bedtime.

  4. I never did make it into the city before Hallowe'en to buy some of these goodies, and I imagine by the time I get in there next week, everything will be gone. Oh well, it's not like I need to BUY anything! Although stocking up on some nice new teas might be a good idea for winter - Stormy Night sounds pretty delightful!