Tuesday, October 11, 2016

...the heart of a pumpkin...

“Only the knife knows
what goes on in the heart of a pumpkin.”

~Simone Schwarz-Bart

Last year at this time we were basking in the joy of growing pumpkins. Currently, my backyard is a mess but I don’t have any plants to blame for being untidy. It’s been a rainy few weeks.

Pumpkins have still been on my mind, as has Heidi Daus’ Halloween collection. Oy! Yesterday, "Hanging Out" Crystal Pumpkin Pin arrived and I think these Jack-o-lanterns (Shouldn't the plural be Jacks-o-lantern instead of Jack-o-lanterns! Like sisters-in-law! Anyway…) are adorable!

The local bakery has adorable cookies for the season, which I bought for my hair stylist (I also bought a unicorn cookie for my fella since he is my unicorn); even the United States Post Office has gotten into the Halloween Spirit!
This week has been my Fall break from taking my graduate courses. My university doesn’t have a break so I’m still teaching; really, just my evenings are free. I’ve used the time to get ahead in reading and focusing on writing drafts of future papers. I have two papers due next week and two due on Halloween. Talk about timing!

I also took some time to sit with my fella, Clive (our werewolf), and our little unicorn to catch up on The Strain and Fear of the Walking Dead.

Happy Halloween Season!


  1. Love all the Halloween stuff! I want gingerbread now! That pumpkin quote is very spooky!

  2. WOw, great photo of your fellow and Clive. Season Greeting.

  3. Awww I am jealous. I want a Clive too

  4. What a cute group you are! :) I love the pin.

  5. I love your Halloweenish stuff!

  6. You sound busy, busy, busy! But you have pumpkin thoughts, and your fella... So all will be well. :-)