Thursday, September 15, 2016

...between me and the moonlight...

“Between me and the moonlight
flitted a great bat,
come and going
in great, whirling circles.”
~Bram Stoker

 My Heidi Daus "Night Flyer" Pavé Crystal Bat Pin arrived yesterday. I saw this little guy last year but after several purchases I hesitated and then he was gone. This year, I scooped him up and wow is he beautiful. He includes metallic blue crystals.


  1. so pretty. With it being blue instead of black I think you can wear it with more things.

  2. Your so funny. Even though their are pictures of me in black blouses on my blog, I hardly ever wear black. I love black on other people just not me. If I have something black on its because it was given to me or I found it really cheap. I like colors that do not happen in nature kinda of like really bright sorbet.

    1. I cannot lie; I love a bright raspberry skirt but 99.999% of my wardrobe is black. It's like a comfy blanket.

  3. Really loving that bat pin! It would be just the thing for Cotillion in the Catacombs, a ball I'm attending, or just to wear any time!