Tuesday, April 26, 2016

... solitary goths- people and plants...

“There was something awesome in the thought
of the solitary mortal standing by the open window
and summoning in from the gloom outside
the spirits of the nether world.”
~ Arthur Conan Doyle

I had the kind of weekend that I truly needed! It had just the right mix of solitary time and connection for this introverted girl.

I already mentioned the Historic Garden Week which I’m sure I will mention again but that was such a nice event to see a few familiar faces while meandering the tour alone. That did seem to trouble some folks who continued to ask me which group I belonged. I smiled, "Party of one!" I love taking tours and even traveling alone. I would rather be by myself than be with someone who does not want to be there. My fella often goes along on my little adventures but he's very much an inside-doer who is much more still in his activities. I'm the outdoor *let's walk the entire city* no matter what the temperature or weather conditions.

Even though I was tuckered after the garden tours, I caught a second wind on Saturday night since a good friend happened to be in town. We sat outside sipping wine at the Caboose Wine & Cheese market which now is an actual café so we added some tapas and even a light meal. We walked around Ashland. There are some friends who are just so easy to be with and she's one of them.

On Sunday morning I woke around 6:30 and by 9am I was ready to get my hands in some soil. My fella had play practice most of the day (noon- 7ish) so I went out to Strange’s Garden Center partly to get out of his way and his morning sprint getting ready but mostly I headed there for Dianthus "Heart Attacks", which I found... but ended up with Black Satin petunias, Blue Velvet Verbena, Columbine "William Guiness", "Dragon's Breath" Celosia, Snapdragons Speedy Sonnet Crimson, and gasp! Iris "Superstition!" I also bought a red bromeliad. 
I spent the afternoon locating places I could tuck new friends and planting them. They're all planted and I'm exhausted but very, very happy.

I was pleasantly surprised to find so many plants that folks consider *gothic*. I tend to focus on reds and purples anyway but oh-my-word, these plants are pretty with their dark rich colors! The  Black Satin petunias appear both black and dark-dark purple depending on the light. I cannot wait for the Iris “Superstition” to bloom. I’m going to start my *impatient clock* right now!

The Columbine "William Guiness", of which I bought two, could only be planted in two locations in my garden since they require full shade to partial shade. They're somewhat isolated from today's collection of sun worshippers. 
In my backyard, I planted one Columbine under the Scotch broom which I’m surprised already has its first bloom. The Columbine is tucked in the shadows and will be shaded for most of the day. 

I planted the other one beside our front door. While the front garden is shade throughout the entire year, during June through August the sun moves and BAM the yard becomes full sun. That being said, right up by the house is the only location that remains shaded. I have an Oxalis or Purple Shamrock right beside where the Columbine was planted today. Fingers crossed that everyone is happy in their new locations.

While I was purchasing all the plants, I saw the cutest gardening gloves for kids. Why don’t they make patterns like these for adults?!? Anyone have any leads?


  1. Sounds like a fun day. I often do varius things on my own I have to agree it's better to be alone then with someone who has no interest or doesn't want to be there.

    Also, i think it's a good thing having separate interests fro your partner. Mine prefers being indoors or at the pub than being out doors but I love being out no matter the weather.

    I love your selection of plants and kids gloves, its a shame they don't have more fun adult patterns.

    1. I agree. It makes spending time together just a wee bit better.

      Seriously, someone with some sewing skills needs to get to it:p I'm going to post in a FB gothic gardening group to ask for help. I'll let everyone know.

  2. The best gardening gloves for adults, I've seen, are purple with floral print, but no black cats, bats or creepiness :(

    I often wander around galleries and shows, alone.

    The colours of your chosen blooms are all perfectly gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! I've been on the search for a few months now trolling online. These are the cutest I've seen but, alas, they don't fit. I really like some of the florals but I don't see many purple ones. Seriously, someone needs to set up a Kickstarter or something.

  3. I love those black satin petunias! Might I suggest getting purple and "black" bearded irises. They are perennials and put out some seriously gorgeous blooms every year. There's a glorious dark purple basil that is super spicy and yummy ... and likes mostly shaded areas. WIN-WIN: pretty dark plant and yumminess for cocktails and cooking.

    You sound happy and refreshed. :) AWESOME!

    1. I planted "Superstition" Irises. :D I've always loved Irises but haven't had much luck in the past with bulbs that I planted. This year I saw the plants, just no blooms yet. I will die!

    2. Bulbs and other fleshy roots are great snack food for squirrels and burrowing animals. You might want to make some bulb cages -- or buy bulb cages -- before you plant them. It keeps the critters from eating them. They are simple to make with some chicken wire.

  4. I don't even like petunias and I want those velvety ones.

    Today, I did the Garden Week tour in Fredericksburg by myself. Lots of company and activity while I was in Charleston this weekend made it mandatory to have a bit of solitary time ... even though I was in the company of hundreds of other folks. Ran into a couple of people that I know. It was a really great recharging day.

  5. Yes kids get such cute stuff! Also all the tulle dresses which I totally want!