Sunday, April 26, 2015

...another list and the Liebster...

Lucretia at Lucretia’s Reflection also nominated me for the Liebster Award and while I still won’t follow the rules, I love to answer surveys. Plus, some of her questions made me giggle.

Questions for [Her] Nominees:

1.  When and why did you start blogging?
I answered this in my post reply to Sylvie but I’ll change my focus slightly here. I started THIS blog (as opposed to answering about blogging in general) as a way to *take back the fun of blogging*. My other blog that has been going on much longer than this one is research-related and connected to my job. It isn’t that I hated blogging over there but it had become tainted in the way that things become tainted when you use them to escape. Read that as I was in a bad marriage and while I often have tendencies of being a workaholic, I had started using work and blogging as a way to fill my life. When I separated and then later divorced, I had avoided my blog because it felt tainted. I needed a way to remember what I loved about blogging—the community collaboration, the people, etc.
Simultaneously, I had a friend ask if I was still a Writer (as opposed to a writer). Nope, I wasn’t (except when I’m sick I do enjoy writing ridiculous Haiku).  She encouraged me and here we are.

2.  Do you have pets?  If so, how many and what are they?  (This does not include spouses or significant others.)
Yes and yes. My fella came with a 13-year-old cat so I’m a cat stepmom. But, my late pup who passed on 7/12/05 will forever be my best friend. His name is Aslan. I did not name him; he was an ex-boyfriend’s dog who came to me by a stroke of fate. He saved my life. When he passed, the last thing I whispered to him aside from “I love you” is “You be the first”; this was important because I wanted him to know that in the Afterlife, I want him to rush ahead of all others and greet me first. He will forever be my best friend.

3.  If you were stranded for a year on a desert island, what band would you want to be stranded with you?
Maybe Echo & The Bunnymen because Ian McCulloch just keeps getting hotter and hotter… but then is this a tropical island? He might be a sweaty mess if it’s too warm. In the end, it’s probably best for me to be alone humming to myself.

4.  What is the most important thing in your purse (or pockets, if you don't carry one)?
I’d like to say my 1920's vintage coffin shaped dance compact purse with a mesh wristlet because it’s probably my favorite thing in my purse BUT the most important thing is probably lip gloss because I can’t go anywhere without it. It’s a requirement since my medication makes me lips dry.

5.  What city do you consider to be "home", and why?

Richmond, VA… in a ten year period, I moved fourteen times and always ended up returning to the greater Richmond area. I love the climate, the people (for the most part) and the history of the land. It’s also one of the northern-most Southern cities so it’s Southern without too many cra-crazs.

6.  Who is your favorite author?
I guess Richard Matheson because of the breadth of work but Stoker is who I return to annually just for Dracula. And I do like my Southern Gothic and my Victorian lady-writers so… this is never a simple answer.  

7.  What item of clothing do you own the most of, and how many do you have?

I’m not sure. Probably black jackets—like a variety of business suit. Maybe 30?

8.  If you were a vehicle, what would you be?

1957 Studebaker Silver Hawk

9.  Can you name the person who originally said the (misquoted) title of this post, and the reason s/he said it?  (Yes, this is a silly trivia question!)
Sally Field… she was my celebrity look-alike when she and I were younger. I guess I looked like Gidget.
10.  What is your ideal social event?  (It does not have to be one already in existence, you can invent it.)
Something outdoors… maybe an annual event at  a cemetery.

11.  If you could say/do whatever you wanted to people who make fun of or criticize you for being different from them, no holds barred, what would it be?
Nothing different than I already do which is simply feel sorry for them. Dr. Seuss taught me “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” The best response I can have is to be polite and walk away. The individual being mean probably doesn’t have much in his or her life. I love my life and I am who I am.


  1. Thanks so much for answering these, I LOVE your replies!! And I don't mind your not following Da Rulz at all, I didn't expect it; that's one of the things that makes us who we are, after all. I just enjoy your blog so much that I had to nominate you! ;-)

    Thanks also for posting the pic of Aslan, may he rest in peace; he must have been one awesome dude. And I think you'd make a fantastic Silver Hawk.

    1. Aww thanks. I appreciate that.

      Aslan was magic. When he passed I described him to a friend as an angel who came just when I needed him most. Her response, "Wow, imagine the wing span". I always loved that.

      As a child I went to Studebaker Drivers Club Meetings with my dad. He has owned several and still has an Avanti in the garage although it still looks like a car from the future to me. I always had a thing for the fins. Dad said that's because I'm from a different time :)

  2. I find that your answers to most of these questions are eerily similar to what mine would be.

    I can't picture you looking like Gidget. I guess it's because I've only known the current version of you (which I like a lot)

    Annual event at a cemetery? Perhaps one that's held on the first Sunday in May? Wait ... that's already been done. Since we don't have to plan this event, how about we just see each other there?

    1. Sounds like a date to me :) Hopefully I'll have my day on voice back and stop coughing by then. Stupid pollen doesn't need to be all up in!

  3. I love cemetery picnics! I need more! Laughing so much at number 3! Aslan sounds wonderful! I don't know if I could choose which of my fur babies will greet me first in the afterlife, I suppose they can all run at me, since you assumedly can't get hurt in the afterlife!

    1. I love the thought of fur babies attacking their beloved human in the Netherworld.

    2. I had to tell Aslan because he was really quite well-trained before he came to me. I had to help him unlearn potential show dog behavior in order to simply be a happy pup. He would sometimes greet me in a seated whole-butt and wee nub wagging position waiting for me to call him as he had been formerly trained. I just want him to run and find me. There's also a long story about seeing a Twilight Zone episode called All Dogs Go to Heaven the week before he passed but that's a weeping story for another day.

  4. Ian Mac! Be still my beating heart...the man is just glorious. I had him plastered all over my teenage bedroom - my mum said rather snarkily he looked like he had consumption. First 'grown up' gig in a club my best friend and I went to with forged IDs was to see the Mac. He was quite unbearably beautiful in the flesh, I had bruises on my hipbones from being smashed against the barriers and Tish and I had to throw glasses of water over each other afterwards - but it was worth it when he instructed the crowd around us to '...move back and stop squashing the little 'uns' ! Saw the Bunnymen recently and his voice is just still incredible. Nearly cried during Dancing Horses. Aaaaaaand breathe!

    1. :D Awww. I adore him just as much. They're one of the only bands where I like some of their newer pieces as much as the older ones.

      And, like many of us, I bought his solo albums (wait, were there one or two?!? I'm a rotten fan now that I can't recall but that's partly old age and partly that they weren't very amazing but we love it anyway). I also bought the E&B album that didn't include him... We just don't discuss that.

    2. Wikipedia tells me there are three solo albums but I was referencing the first two because post-2000 doesn't often count in my world which is silly *shrug* See, we shouldn't be stuck on an island together. He would ask, "how did you like my third solo album" and I'd have to respond with something like "Hey! look! Is that a coconut?!?"

  5. That's a great answer for the haters! I wish I could be that "zen" :D

    1. Not sure if it's really that zen or just not wanting to waste creative energy with witty comebacks on those who simply aren't worth it. I'm also fortunate enough to work with college students who consider my wardrobe choices fun albeit not their style. Young people seem to recognize and appreciate those of us who have chosen to live for ourselves.