Sunday, February 8, 2015

... party prep & an uncanny bedtime story...

I really need to get myself to bed because my Monday morning commute will be here before I know it; but, I'm having a hard time letting go of the weekend.

For starters, Walking Dead is airing but I can't watch because... well, I need to go to bed. We record it so I have to spend a day avoiding all social media.

I'm also working on my costume for my department's Uncanny Party later this week but I'm almost at the point of searching online for a costume because being a beautiful dead wife who has just transformed into the dead wife #2 (aka I'm going as Poe's Ligeia) isn't being expressed in this makeshift outfit I'm attempting. Nevertheless, I have made my sign.

If you're not familiar with the short story, sit back and listen to Vincent Price read you a bedtime story or read it for yourself here.


  1. That photo of the hand reaching out of the grave holding a book...! If I ever come back from the dead you can bet it will be for a book someone forgot to bury or cremate with me!

  2. That party sounds fantastic, what a wonderful idea!! Makes me jealous... ;-) Have fun!!!