Saturday, October 3, 2015

...exorcising some hair demons & Halloween in the Center of the Universe...

We’re officially in the Spooktacular events of Ashland but today is a raining day and it is also the Ashland Craft Beer Festival and, well, I don’t drink beer because it completely gets in the way of my Cognac-drinking habit. I wanted to partake in the festivities so I figured the best way that I could feel Spooktacular was to get my hair cut and do some local shopping. 

The Center of the Universe, as I’ve mentioned, is all gussied up for the holiday season. Even my salon has gotten into the spirit!   

This morning I had a hair appointment with Cindi at Shear Power. Now I wish that I had taken a picture of her nails. They were black with a spider and a cobweb! I'm wearing my Jamberry nail wraps called Itsy Bitsy with spiders but her nails were hand-painted and stunning! 

She’s been the only hair stylist who has been to exorcise my tresses in the last few years. The shop is incredibly cute… very shabby chic without much shabby and heavy on the chic. The first time I went in I immediately felt loved. The stylists are all so nice! They’re also some super stylish ladies who seem to have fun while doing good work. 

I’m a sucker for the old building. The door sticks a bit when it’s rainy (like it did this morning… Cindi said to “kick it in”) but there are so many touches that make me feel like this was the salon I was waiting for.  


You see a plug; I see an old building's architectural which includes a fleur de lis.

Left of the plug- details!

It's important for your hair salon to have lovely ceilings when you're looking up getting while having your hair demons exorcised.

I've written a much longer post but with pictures it has become a bit too much to place in one spot. So next up, I'll be sharing some of the shops that I visited on this Spooktacular rainy first Saturday in October.


  1. I can't getc over how amazingood and cute it all looks. Can't wait to see more!

    1. I just love all the little details these stores have put into decorating their storefronts :D