Monday, October 5, 2015

...another stop on the Spooktacular Ashland train...

My Godfather Bill loved toy trains and was a train collector. His basement included some serious (childfree-zone) trains. Only when I was a bit older was I allowed to go down and look… never to touch.

I don’t know any child that isn’t somewhat fascinated by a toy train. While we were passing by the shop windows in town, there was a train all set up. Of course, this one was a bit special. It had a Boooooville car.

In town, we have a train shop, Tiny Tim's Toys & Trains, where customers come from near and far just to see some of the latest pieces. My fella and I wouldn’t normally go into a toy store but we were waiting for a restaurant to open and since it is the Spooktacular time in Ashland I figured there were would be some Halloween items. I never expected that we (i.e. My Fella!) would find a friend to bring home!
There were several spooky items for the kids…


And then we saw this guy in his native environment. I think he’s adorable. My fella decided we needed to adopt him.

Here’s his new environment all set up by my fella.


  1. haha! that is so cute!

    1. I think I squeaked when I walked in and saw what my fella had done... I was laughing so hard!

  2. Look at him, enjoying his new environment

    1. I hope he doesn't eat my little unicorn! :p

  3. I think one of the things that made me like Addams Family so much was Gomez's toy trains! :D That wolf is so adorable, you find such amazing things. ^_^