Saturday, October 3, 2015

... spooky girl's clothing shopping during Spooktacular Ashland events...

Once my hair was all pretty, I had to go back out in the rain. I went into Jezebel’s Boutique

I bought two black skirts and two black tops… well, that doesn’t make the clothes exciting at all so let me see if I can do a better job explaining. The skirts are both what my fella would call “witchy” which I take as a compliment :) One is a cotton blend that is fitted with more detailing on the bottom; the other has lace, shear fabric and even sequins in the material! And I’m totally going to figure out how to get away with wearing it to work too. 

With Buttons!
The first top that I tried on is a wide knit must-wear-something-under-it-because-I’m-not-19-anymore material. I was wearing a short plain black dress that has seen better days and adding the knitted top over it actually added a pop of fun. The second top would be a dress for my former 19-year-old self because she was way sluttier than 41-year-old Me. I’ll most likely wear this on top of a longer dress in a layering effect. I didn’t take any pictures inside because my hands were kind of full especially because I wasn’t intending to buy clothing today. After reading the above paragraph, I paused, tried on my new garments and snapped some pictures so I could actually give you a better view of the clothes. My pictures are always a bit blurry... it isn't my iPhone, it's me. I'm terribly impatient. Please forgive me because this isn't a fashion blog.
Albeit blurry pictures, the clothes are nice quality pieces that didn’t cost me an entire paycheck. 

The shop keeper commented that all my items that I was trying on were black in a way that she was referencing her own wardrobe. One thing that I adore about Ashland is that while it is a small town, it is also filled with smart, culturally/ Arts- minded individuals who seem to appreciate and admire difference. She complimented me on my necklace and my shoes. 

It did get me thinking that if a non-gothy girl was looking for some Halloween-y clothing that this might be the shop to go into...or even if one just needs a place for an October shopping spree to spooky up a wardrobe. 

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  1. Jezebel's is always well arranged and set-up, also. I love the eclectic blending of clothes. Great job, Vicki.
    from Cate, The Giving Tree Depot