Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween & Shovel Contest Post!

A girl has to have priorities! So while I've gotten married and had a fabulous time doing so, I can't post about it until I FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS on the most important thing this little blog has ever done (snickers)---> the Halloween Shovel Contest which has HALLOWEEN! (aka TOMORROW) as the deadline. 

Now because I take this blog very seriously, I incorporated shovels into my little elopement honeymoon. Ha ha ha, actually shovels just creep into my life in various ways. After my fella and I married, we spent a few days in Orange, VA which is pretty much in the middle of the most rural parts of Virginia (read that as COUNTRY and EVERYTHING is closed on Mondays and a bit of confusion of what being a vegetarian means... but that's a story for another day). Our first stop was to Miller Family Farms where we picked out some amazing pumpkins. One was a super awesome red-orange sunburst pumpkin which we bought and one was a popcorny black..which was really a dark dark dark green but still looked like a black pumpkin BUT when I picked it up it came with a black widow on the bottom Eeek! What is it with me and spiders!?! I gently put it back and was done with picking up pumpkins for the rest of the day. Aside was the spiders, I found a set of "Old Gardening Tools" and asked my fella for a picture (which is a super big deal because he's an introvert who hates to be photographed! But isn't he cute! That's my husband y'all!).

The next day we were off to Montpelier, home to James and Dolley Madison. President Madison was a Founding Father and the fourth President of the United States. The land was gorgeous. Currently there was an archaeological dig program going on in hopes of discovering the exact location of where some of the enslaved workers lived. And of course, to mark the spot is a shovel!

I'll post more about my wedding and little adventures in the next few days. I want to wish everyone a very happy Halloween! And I look forward to your amazing shovel posts. Don't forget... PRIZES!

You can even take a bit of inspiration from the following bloggers who have already submitted:

Lucretia's Reflection blog since she already posted her entry and I'm STILL laughing. 

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch posted her entry:
Here's the contest! And it's pretty simple I think because really all you need is a shovel. Now, I presume the entries will be silly and fun but note my disclaimer... if you do something wicked or illegal, don't try to blame this blog or me for brainwashing you into it! (insert fussy face here) Here's what ya need to do:
  1. Create a post with some sort of reference to a shovel. Preferably you should have a shovel in the picture somehow. That's right! Ha ha it's both garden and cemetery related AND you can even write, "I DIG..." just like my little skeleton artwork I entitled, "I dig your heart" which now that I look at it should be "I dig my heart".
  2. Link your post to my Halloween post. I don't have any HTML coding to offer because I'm just not that fancy.
  3. Write a comment with your post link on the Halloween post so that I know where to look. 
  4. Because it's a Halloween contest, it's due on Halloween! October 31st before midnight. You have 31 days!
DISCLAIMER: This blog owner cannot be responsible for any arrests made due to your shovel habits e.g. if you bring a shovel into a graveyard, etc.


  1. Does this mean I have to post it here again?

  2. Great News about the wedding. May you live Happily Gothily ever after!

  3. My man doesn't really like being photographed either, our anniversary this year was the first time I got him to let me put a photo up on my blog. He is lovely, though!

  4. My husband doesn't like taking photos either. What's up with that?? Congratulations!!

  5. I will add that yesterday when I was posting a new blog, he came in and asked about the shovel contest and was quite coy asking if his picture was included. When I showed him, he seemed happy to be included. Shrug. Men are an enigma sometimes.

  6. So, who won??? Looks like it's a toss-up (or would that be a show-down?) between me and Lady Euphoria!! ;-)


    1. Bah! I'm such a freakshow. I *thought* I had messaged you both to email me at I must have commented on the original post. Anyhoo, you're BOTH WINNERS. Send me your address so I can send off your prize :D

    2. woo-HOOOO!!! Thank you! And I'm glad it didn't turn into a catfight after all, (just kidding, of course), I like her too much for that! ;-)

    3. And you HAVE been just a little busy recently... ;-)