Sunday, October 12, 2014

... a fall tradition/ date with my fella to Busch Gardens Williamsburg...

One of my fall traditions is to go to Busch Gardens Williamsburg with my fella.  We went on Friday night and had fun even though it rained for a bit. My fella doesn’t ride any rides so we go to haunted houses, scare zones and of course we like the shows. They’re always silly but that’s part of their charm. Night Beats is one of my favorites.

The park has gotten more and more crowded over the years. Because of that, we feel that the attractions have lost a bit of their pizazz. We used to be able to go through a haunted house and see actual scenes being acted out. Now we feel that it’s more of a scream-in-your-ear/ startle factor.

One of my favorite parts about the park is that they still have artisans. I have bought a hand-dipped candle from Candlemaker VA for the last few years. This year’s candle has a bat! ^o^ I also purchased some cute earrings from a woman who was housed inside the Halloween shop. Unfortunately, she failed to add a business card to the purchase so I can’t even advertise her products.


  1. Wow! That candle is amazing!

    the park decor looks pretty cool! I guess it would be a lot more scary with less people, looks fun though! I do hate when people jump out at me though!

    1. The candle initially has to be burned in shorter stages so that the wick but a down through the center. Then I can pop in another candle as a replacement and the candle shell will last. The cool thing is that when it burns it looks like a stained glass window :D

      The visuals are still a great feature of the park. It rained so there wasn't as much crowd but there also didn't seem like much staff either. It was still fun though.

  2. Replies
    1. It is but here's the thing... it more fun to go with girls. I feel bad for guys because the *monsters* just aren't going to jump out at a couple or a group of men probably because they fear being punched. When I've gone with my girlfriends before, we pretty much run screaming through the park. I'm going with my BFF on Saturday so I'll test this out again.