Wednesday, December 30, 2015

... don we now our gay apparel...

Heidi Daus’ "Captured in Beauty" pin

Just because I’m usually dressed in black (with perhaps some Santa socks this time of year), doesn’t mean I don’t get into the holiday spirit!

I completely adore Christmas jewelry. While this first piece which my mom gave me for Christmas doesn’t appear to be very Christmasy, I wear spiders this time of year and tell everyone that they’re Christmas spiders! The reindeer earrings and the poinsettia ring are completely my style. Because I Christmas until February 2nd, I have plenty of time to don my holiday jewelry. 


  1. Christmas spiders! <3. Beautiful jewellery!

  2. I love the Captured in Beauty pin ... they're all very beautiful, but that's my favourite. :)

  3. We are so bad at adornments in Sweden, it's great to see someone revel in it :)