Wednesday, July 29, 2015

...spooky school supplies...

Yesterday The Curious Professor Z posted 15 Things that I Love about This Time of Year and her very first item was “Back to School” which of course includes school supplies! Gwee! Who doesn’t love a new pen and notebook?!? 

Last year when I posted my Skulls and Bats ^o^ School Supply Post, I has super gothy-luck because in stores I found a Day of the Dead pencil case (which I still use), a skull flash-drive (which I still use), a skull lunch bag (which I still use), and a bat notebook (you think you know what I’m going to write between these parenthesis don’t ya?!? But ha! Okay, you do… which I still use). I’m fortunate to have so many supplies from last year because during a shopping trip to Target last week, I didn’t find anything that was to my liking. I’m not disheartened because there is always Etsy where I found this awesome little pouch/ pencil case from The Curious Needle (this is one of my favorite fabrics and I even have a custom book purse which incorporates it on the way!), and there is DIY! In the picture, I simply took some Halloween duct tape and covered a notebook with a cover that was unattractive. It isn’t the neatest DIY but it did the trick and now everyone knows the notebook is mine.
I’m still using my Harvey’s Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Lola bag. This is the most expensive bag that I have ever purchased and I actually hesitated and called my mom (the ultimate enabler) and my fella (also the ultimate enabler), and sent texts to two friends. It was January 2013 and was standing in Downtown Disney with my now ex-sister-in-law.  I ended up buying the bag and now that it’s July 2015, it has actually saved me money. For years I would have to buy a new work bag annually because as a commuter, I’m pretty hard on bags. I even destroy leather! But this seatbelt bag has been loved and still looks pretty much the way it did on the day I bought it. I can’t imagine using anything else.

Along with my notebooks, I have a new planner with black roses. I love the inside pages (it also has a two-page spread for the month) for the planner and the spider notebook.

Other “school supplies” include hand-sanitizer. I still use my original Bath & Body Works Halloween bat from the first season. The main difference between this one and the ones they sold last year, which I bought a few as backups, is that the eyes have two different settings on the original.  Last year’s bats blink for a set period of time and then stop. During the dark commuting months (e.g. when I’m walking in the dark), the blinking eyes are a nice way to remind drivers that hey, someone is walking over here!
I also keep a scarf in my bag year round because the AC on the train is usually freezing. I also have a cute skull ID pouch where I keep my commuter train tickets and a bat keychain fob for my work keys. The green Dracula text is actually a Kindle cover. As an English professor, I annotate so I can’t imagine having only e-books. While most academics prefer paper books (I love them! I really do!), as a commuter I have to consider what I’m lugging back and forth. I almost always have a few copies of the texts that I use with my courses—one copy at school in my office, one copy at home in my home office, and an e-copy.

And finally, every year there seems to be one unattainable dream item. This year it’s the ACME Limited Edition Dracula Convertible Rollerball / Fountain Pen.


  1. Those are some damned cool back to school supplies. I am so envious! We never have anything of that sort over here! Enjoy them for me!

  2. So much cute stuff! We dont get much stuff like that in Australia or I am looking in the wrong places!

  3. I have stationary envy! You have so much cool stuff!