Tuesday, July 14, 2015

... I'm a winner of Death & Death...

Right before my fella and I headed out for vacation I entered The Cemetery Researcher’s June contest to see if I could win The Pocket Book of Death. Yay! I won! 

Apparently my prize arrived sometime during our vacation and my neighbor picked up the package… and then she went out of town. Now I’m just opening my little package and Whee!!!! there is even an extra book, Death in Art, added which The Cemetery Researcher is currently offering for free on her site as a digital download. 

Thank you! I can’t wait to skip around town reading some little death facts.  

Here’s a quick tidbit from the book: 
 If you're interested in connecting the dots too, here's a link to purchase a copy! 

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  1. Perfect person to win it! Love the join the dots!