Thursday, December 18, 2014

... packing a velour robe and some holiday reading...

I’ve mentioned before that my fella and I do not give each other gifts for the holidays. We do, however, treat ourselves to evenings out and/or mini vacations. I’ve become a frequenter of Bed & Breakfasts because of him. Prior to us meeting, I would have never dreamed of staying in such a place because I believed that they were all filled with hideous floral wallpapers and fabrics, and included overly-friendly hosts. I mean, I love real flowers but anything that looks as though it has vomited flowers is a bit much… and I never trust anyone who smiles too often. 

I’ve learned that the more historic B&Bs actually have a more traditional-to-the-time aesthetic which makes me feel like I’m stepping back in history. But this really isn’t a post about the B&Bs… it’s about packing!

While I’m getting ready for our little What-Was-Supposed-To-Be-Our-Wedding event, I’ve started to think about packing. I have my book selection ready with The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries and my Kindle which is filled with a few historical pieces such as Winnie Davis:  Daughter of the Lost Cause by Heath Hardage Lee. But, what I’m really excited about is my new robe.

At home I’m never been the type of girl who lounges around in a robe. I wish! I’ve been more the old concert t-shirt (most likely with a hole because some are super old!) and shorts. Recently when I went to pick up some household supplies (read that as toilet paper :-/ ) in Target,  I walked by this most beautiful lush velour robe and HAD TO HAVE IT! I mean, it was $40. [ I just checked online and with today's Promo code of JOY30, you can purchase the robe for $27.99]

So now as I prepare for my mini-vacation, I plan to sit around in the B&B reading some Christmas mysteries while wearing this. I’m sure my fella will be happy that it isn’t my Jack hoodie or some old Bauhaus shirt.


  1. I love the robe! its very nice :) ! I love my concert t-shirts too ;) and comfy shorts or sweats. I hope yall enjoy your mini-vacay! *hugs* Love ya!

  2. I totally share your earlier sentiments about b&bs, lol. Now I want to try them out. Cool robe! Fancy!

  3. Oh, that robe is SO you!! Definitely better than ratty old shorts and a Bauhaus tee! I'm sure "he" will appreciate the view, especially in a beautiful historic-style setting. Just don't expect to do a whole lot of reading in it... ;-)

  4. I do the same thing, wear ratty old t-shirts and boxer shorts. I have a few robes but I am my comfiest in old clothing LOL

  5. What! No Jack Hoodie?!

    Love the robe, looks warm and nice!

    I like this idea of mini holidays instead of presents, maybe I will do it in the future when I have a bit of money to spare!