Sunday, November 8, 2015

...weird weather & beautiful blooms...

Saturday morning I started the day, a very rainy day, by pruning! I cut back plants and cleaned up the dead leaves and debris from the yard. All the stakes and support beams were taken up and put in my small shed. It’s all packed away. The yard isn’t exactly winterized; I didn’t go crazy today but I simply tidied up. This hasn’t been the semester where I feel like I can get much home-stuff done so I took advantage of the warm weather.
Of course, the weather was in the mid-80s on Friday and in the 70s before that. Today we’re only supposed to hit 59 degrees. We shall see. Still, the plants and flowers are a bit confused. Which season is it?!? Shrug. It keeps things interesting.
From azalea blooms, a new elephant ear leaf, daisies, salvia, butterfly bush blooms to berries on the bush. We are in the in-betweens. Happy everything!

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  1. We are having weird weather here too! Hot day, cold day, hot day, cold day, 3 days of rain, hot day, cold day.... with some variations in the number of days in between the changes!

    Your garden has so many beautiful flowers!