Saturday, November 14, 2015

...counting my blessings...

This month Professor Z’s homework assignment is to post about our blessings. Giving thanks, well, that’s both easy and startling, and when I really stop to think about all that I have in my life I become overwhelmed. I whisper, “thank you” to the universe often and I mean it.

I was raised in a wonderful family who loved me for me.

I have always been surrounded by the very best of friends. Friends enter and exit throughout life but then and now I’ve always felt very loved and blessed to have those who I have in my life.

I am in awe that I *got it right*, that *a third time is a charm*, that my fella likes me and I like him…still…. Even after spending an entire day together we’re both seated at the kitchen island on our computers. He’s scrolling through board game bloggers’ posts and here I am with you all (of whom I am also extremely grateful).

I’m grateful for this home that I share; I’m grateful it’s a house where I was able to pick and choose the parts that I wanted.

I’m grateful for my profession, for the university where I work, and for my job even though the semester feels rough…it’s a good, good gig. I’m thankful for my colleagues many of whom are friends.

This time of year is when I start binging on the Christmas movies. When Professor Z’s post included the phrasing “Please join me in counting your blessings”, I immediately thought of this song in White Christmas, one of my favorite holiday movies.


  1. It's a good habit to practice thankfulness. Keeps us in the present and helps put things into their proper perspective. When times have been at their worst for me through the years, I got into the habit of ending every day by consciously being thankful for at least one positive thing that happened that day.

  2. sitting together, scrolling through blog posts sounds like a nice 21st century relationship night :-) and hoping your friends & family will stay this close to you as well!

  3. Sigh ... White Christmas! I now know what I'm watching tonight, thanks! :) Dear Friend, I am so very happy that you've come into my life. You are such a wonderful and beautiful person. I'm thankful for PCA/ACA for bringing us together.