Monday, November 9, 2015

...saving Halloween...

I went into Target for some batteries and ended up strolling down the leftover Halloween row. Everything was 70 -90% off so I picked up all of this for $4.07! Whohoo!

My fella had to go in to work on Saturday for a special project. I was supposed to have the evening to myself so I planned a ridiculous dinner around my earlier Halloween score! I have to admit that I haven’t had Kraft Mac & Cheese since I was in undergrad. It was AWFUL! I couldn’t even finish it. I ended up picking out my broccoli and tossing the mac & cheese. Even the Halloweeny shapes didn’t appear so Halloweeny. 

This is a bat. I’m not sure what these other shapes were supposed to be. 

I’m pretty sure I only paid $0.19 so I’m not terribly disappointed. I’m sure kids love the stuff. The box was much better than the product.


  1. Wow so much awesome stuff! That bat basket and those plates (?) With the hands n eyes n bats!

    Also I am glad I'm not the only person who isn't a fan of mac n cheese!

  2. That reminds me. I purchased a box of Ninja Turtles Mac & Cheese for my little one. I thought how cool it was that they have frigging Ninja Turtle noodles. I refuse to make the actual mac n cheese so I used the noodles and made my homemade from scratch recipe. Just like in your post, the noodles did NOT resemble Ninja Turtles. Boooo!

  3. Oh, I was so curious about the Halloween Mac'n Cheese, thanks for not making me want to try them! I hope that your other finds make you much happier!

  4. I should probably be embarrassed to admit I love Kraft Dinner, shouldn't I? Although I haven't tried the Hallowe'en version because - wait for it - we don't get it up here. It must taste worse than the original. ;)

  5. I can't eat KD anymore either. I loved it as a kid.