Sunday, August 16, 2015

...time, focus, and a few new Halloween friends...

“Difficult times have helped me to understand better than before, how infinitely rich and beautiful life is in every way, and that so many things that one goes worrying about are of no importance whatsoever...”
~ Isak Dinesen

New friend selfie!
Where does all the time go?!?

I feel like the weekend just started with me arriving home on Friday night exhausted. My fella and I ordered a pizza. Then I watched a Say Yes to the Dress marathon on TLC (mindless television with pretty dresses with a black or red one every now and then) until I fell asleep on the sofa and my fella came in to get me.
New Vampire friend (candy dish from Home Goods) that my fella added a D20 too :p

Yesterday I ran some errands, searched for Halloween, and read for fun. (The semester begins soon…gotta get the fun reads in while I can!) Today more errands including groceries but all made better as my fella and I discussed how now that we’re married he no longer has to “go home” on Sundays. We admitted that we still feel a bit anxious about the day since for 5 years we parted for the week after grocery shopping together.

I had some big plans about health and wellness when I started my summer but I admit that (insert lots of excuses and reasons) and then I shrugged them off. I’ve gained about 8-10 lbs this summer (EEK!) I’m not going to fat shame myself or any of that nonsense but I am going to do something about it. “Why?”, you ask. Well, for starters I like my clothes and I want to fit into them. I also feel better when I eat right and walk… and weigh less. And, most importantly, I want to live! I want to be as healthy as possible because I met my fella later in life and we both want to take care of ourselves and be as healthy as we can be. He’s my very first partner where I feel comfortable talking about putting on some weight. He has too. Hell, we’ve had a great first year of married life. But, we want more. And, we want to be super-old active old people together.

Adorable shot glass from Pottery Barn
In preparation for my uber long commuting week… back to five days of commuting to campus instead of my four + work from home day… I packed a week’s worth of I’m-counting-weight-watchers-points-because-obsessing-over-numbers-works-for-me lunches and I have dinner plans for Monday-Thursday which includes the large batch of organic vegetable soup that I made tonight. Not only will this help my morning and evening routine but I’m so much better when I’ve planned.
Hee, I didn't realize that the shot glass frowned when the liquor was gone!

Here’s a toast to new possibilities and 76 days until Halloween which I *just* realized is on a Saturday so maybe I need to host a party. We’ll see. Here are a few of my weekend Halloween finds.


  1. Part of me really wants to drive into the city tomorrow and check out Pottery Barn now, and the other part of me that controls the wallet is shrieking DON'T DO IT!!! I wonder which part will win? LOL

    1. It would probably be just wrong of me to post a longer look-what-else-Pottery-Barn-has post, right? ;D

    2. Really, really wrong. DO IT DO IT DO IT. :)

    3. Posted! Home Goods and Pottery Barn.

      I feel like I suddenly need a disclaimer. This blog is not responsible for anyone's spending ;) It is for educational purposes only! Hee.


  2. When Ed and I were in HomeGoods we saw the little Vampire that you bought. He turned to me and said, "How much do you want to make a bet that Sharon will buy him?" And there you go! :) hehehehe ...

    1. Awww, y'all know me so well :D But seriously, who was going to take him home and love him as much as I would?!? At least at my place he gets to be creepy year round and not just for a few weeks!

  3. I think those are the best reasons to exercise: wanting to feel healthy and to fit into old clothes one likes. :D I am also slightly disturbed by one point; did I understand correctly, that your fella is the first companion you feel ok to discuss that you have gained weight? That the other partners have been like total idiots about body images media gives us and the reality? :O

    That vampire is so über cute! And so you! :D Hehehee!

  4. Love your finds! And growing old together is a lovely thought!