Saturday, August 22, 2015

...bringers of bats, crows, owls, spiders and other interesting re-purposed art...

“The worlds junk is a creative [wo]man’s treasure.”
~ Unknown

About a month ago, I bought an amazing 1870s cast iron cemetery fence angel from Squashapenny Junction. I had several ideas what I should do with it but in the end I decided that I loved it just the way it was—rusty. I have been trying to come up with the perfect stand idea but I just couldn’t figure it out so this morning I went to one of my favorite Center of the Universe stores ReFunkIt.   

Wendy Doyle and Christiane Riederer are the owners/artists who bring together regional artists along with their own work to sell up-cycled/ re-purposed Art. Besides having such a cool mission, they're both really interesting, amazing women! They're the type of people you instantly want to befriend.

My first purpose was nearly five years ago. I walked in the store and found a repurposed spider (pictured above) that Wendy had made. He was the cutest thing and I was certain that nobody would love him as much as I would. While he was intended to be yard art, he has always lived indoors on the coffee table. 

After that, I bought a funny face yard art stake (below). This year a morning glory vine has decided to intertwine itself so that it looks like it now has some hair. I added a crow’s feather that I found in my yard.

Recently, I bought a crow and my fella bought an owl- both yard art (pictured above). It isn't that ReFunkIt only has yard art. It's just that I pretty much love re-purposed pieces to add to my garden... I've purchased original art, posters, jewelry and even mittens from them.

“Life is full of beauty. Notice it.”
~Ashley Smith

A few weeks ago, I dropped in to see if they would take some cactus cuttings from my fella’s up-for-sale-house's Mr. Cactus. The cactus is nearly as tall as I am and we were both certain that the new owner wouldn’t know what to do with such a large cactus so we cut back the *ears*. The great thing about cactus cuttings is that one now has several cacti that simply need to be planted; since we didn’t need a dozen clippings I thought that I would ask Wendy at ReFunkIt if they could do something with them. She took them! 

Today I went in with my cemetery fence angel to see if they could work their magic to come up with an idea for a stand and ended up chatting a long time with Christiane. I was delighted to see that they already had some Halloween- related art and I ended up bringing home one of Christiane’s bat bottle creations! 

Stay tuned to see what the cemetery fence angel stand turns out to be. I have no idea but I'm sure it will be original and cool!!! Plus, I cannot wait to see what they have in store for fall!


  1. So many lovely things! I have very little garden decorations, a little bit afraid of getting it cluttered. But the garden is cluttered with scraps was maybe an bad excuse. The little figurines on the last photo looks very Midnight before christmas inspired, very cute :-)

    1. My yard is pretty small but I like it to be full like it's giving me a hug!

  2. Interesting!lots of pretty things and even better if they are repurposed!

  3. I love those bottles! I can't wait to see what they do with your angel either!

  4. Anxiously waiting the future developments of your antique angel! :D Those tentacles are gorgeous, by the way. ^^