Saturday, August 8, 2015

...a hand sanitizer holder Halloween mystery...

I'm being a bit dramatic with this post title ;D On Tuesday, I discovered that Bath & Body Works had their 2015 Halloween hand sanitizers. With the new design, I went ahead and ordered a pack of 5 of the Halloween scents including Purrfect Potion (Pumpkin), Hoot (Eerie Pear), Twisted Web (Creepy Orange), Ghoul Friend (Berry Scary), and Vampire Blood (Wicked Plum that they listed as Transylvanian Plum on their website). Today there is also a new Happy Halloween featuring a Jack-o-lantern with a scent described as “a blend of crisp apple & spicy cinnamon”.

At the time, I also ordered the new Bat PocketBac holder which I also later found in my local store. On the website there was an adorable Jack-o-lantern Pumpkin and a friendly Ghost. Today they have disappeared from the website!

This really isn’t that much of a mystery. This time of year most retail store websites aren’t featuring their Halloween merchandise but for those of us stalkers who search keywords we can find it.

These new Halloween PocketBac holders will return to the websites and will be in stores later this month. Halloween is coming! We just have to be a bit more patient.


  1. OOoohh! All sound so fun, I love the States for their funky Halloween stuff.

    1. They're usually my favorite scents too. Wish they carried them all year.

  2. I don't generally do hand sanitizer ... But I think the little bat holder is adorable! Makes me wonder if it can hold anything else, like hand lotion.

  3. I bought the new batty holder with the newly shaped bacs. I have to say. I like the way the tops "lock" on them! They don't pop open as easily as the old variety. And I like the fact that the little bat's mouth is open! HA! My B&B didn't have the Lack O'Lantern yet and they said that they sold out of battles in two days!

    I did manage to load up on Cinnamon Pumpkin body wash, moisturizer, and body spray, and all the different pumpkin candles! YUM! :)

  4. So cute! Roll on Halloween - goodies won't kick in here in the UK for a month or so yet.

    Jane (Breaking the Angel)

  5. I am bitibng my nails with envy... :(

  6. Oooh sparkly! I don't think I would like my hand sanitiser to have too much scent though, I had a scented one once and it made me feel a bit queasy as well as clashing with the smell of the food I was eating