Friday, January 2, 2015

... letting Mother Nature nurture and a Crow be my guide...

~ Let Mother Nature nurture ~

I’ve loved crows as far back as I can remember. My grandfather used to speak back to them. “Kaw Kaw”, he’d say. Whenever I hear them I think of childhood and my grandparent’s farm. In the distance, I could see a murder of crows sitting in the trees.  
I’ve had acquaintances consider them annoying and unpleasant. Considered song-birds, crows have a deep repertoire of melodies. They have even been taught to recite opera! I find nothing about them annoying. Years ago when I first moved to my townhouse, I looked up and saw a crow carrying a bagel. They make me laugh; I am always delighted to see them.

I’ve been thinking about crows because on my walk today I let Mother Nature nurture (one of the guiding pieces of advice for my Bat Fit practice). I walked a little over 4 miles to and from Woodland Cemetery. It appeared that along the way, a crow was following/ guiding me on my journey by flying here and there and landing on various trees along the way. (Thankfully he was just one or I may have started feeling a Hitchcock moment coming on :p ). Was he my guardian today?

The day is overcast and a bit dreary. The town and the houses along the way were quite festive and they lifted my mood. I passed by the train station that is still decorated with a holiday wreath. I noticed the beautiful red berries on the shrubs near campus. And, I stopped to snap a picture of the Elf door that one of the local merchants has added. Those boots are the size of doll’s shoes. Then once in the cemetery, I noticed how even the new section was decorated for the holidays. Mom says that people don’t visit cemeteries anymore. I beg to differ.  
Once I ventured into the older section with graves from the Civil War era, the crow disappeared. I guess this was where I needed to be.

It was a relaxing and reflective journey, and I arrived home to a house that smells like Holiday Bayberry candles.


  1. I love crows too. I definately think they are my totem animal. I even have one tattoed on my arm

  2. I love crows and their sleek, graphic blackness! My favourite birdie! There's definitely something otherworldly about them too.

  3. I love the elf door! I would love to put some up but I worry people would think I was vandalising! I guess I am not confident enough to talk to others about it but maybe I could do a project one day.

    We have those exact plants, whatever they are, near my old unit. They are out this time of year too! Letting nature nurture is great, unfortunately it is too hot here at the moment to go outside! (sobs)