Thursday, January 1, 2015

... I wish you well...

“There are years that ask questions and years that answer.”  ~ Zora Neale Hurston

flowers on New Year's Day
This morning I made a nice hearty breakfast for my fella who is still recuperating from a bad cold. We had pumpkin pancakes. I started to use the bat mold but it overflowed into a batty blob.

Later, I read! I finished a book, read a passage from another, and read a chapter from a third book. 

While my husband was napping, I took a nap which I rarely do but it was nice and I liked the idea of embracing a restful day. 

I went for a three mile walk because on this first day of the year I really wanted to be out in nature. Plus, while it was bitter cold the sky was blue and sunny. I walked through the town of Ashland and by the local college campus. Here is where I found the beautiful flowers still thriving.

This evening, I had friend-time. As the day winds down, I’m even going to journal before bed.
Why have I itemized the day?

View of local college and a nice spooky tree on a lovely day
There are so many traditions surrounding New Years. In my family, there is a tradition that everything that you do on New Year’s Day is what you will bring forth in the coming year.  I didn’t necessarily plan to do all of these things today but it was nice that it turned out this way. So of course, I also wanted to make a quick blog post because while I'll be returning to work and the commute, writing this blog is something I would very much like to continue.

Another tradition that my family follows is actually a Polish tradition for New Year’s Day is saying, "do siego roku", which translates to "Happy New Year" or "I wish you well".

I hope you all had a wonderful first day of 2015! Here’s to a great year.


  1. Amen and ashe to that! And "do siego roku" to you as well! :-)

  2. Yes! We believe the same thing: that everything that you do and the stuff that happens on New Years Day is how the year will unfold. It must be a Polish/Slavic thing. Mom always said that and I still firmly believe it. If this is true, my year is going to be filled with good work done well, health, and family. Much happiness to you.

    By the way, i just booked our hotel room for the conference.

    1. Must be :D Happy New Year, Professor!

      I booked the Marriott New Orleans on Canal Street. I'm just waiting to book my flight after the conference posts the presentation times. This is going to be so much fun!

    2. Yup, we just did the Marriott on Canal as well. Might as well stay where the conference is! Ed's coming with me because he ADORES the Pop Culture conferences. I'm not sure when I'm presenting but I'll let you know when they post the times. Are you presenting? You must be if you're waiting for the times. Check out Southwest for flights -- they are running some really good deals.

    3. Yep, presenting under the Vampire in Literature, Culture, and Filmcategory.

      I actually have a $500 credit (when they overbooked the last time I was in New Orleans and I wasn't in a hurry) for American Airlines that expires in May. I'm hoping that I can use that and it won't cost me too much. Travel is tight for my university now so although I've requested grant funding, I'm probably paying for all of this myself... at least it's New Orleans! Can't wait to meet you and the Mr. in person :D

  3. The college and spooky tree are gorgeous, as are the black flowers! Walking in nature is great, I can't wait for it to get cooler, it's too hot here at the moment!