Friday, June 20, 2014

...a new bloom, a butterfly, and a memory of a book...

 The morning began with a new bloom in the garden right after a dreadful storm. The morning was cool so I went for a two hour walk in town meandering up and down streets in this small town. I spent much of the day working although I was able to do this remotely and even from my garden. I captured this butterfly! He distracted me even while work attempted to gain my attention.
This evening I was inadvertently reminded of a book series. The Kissing Coffins, that I enjoyed. I remembered that I had left off on the sixth book so quickly checked the library for its availability. Tonight has been my time to catch up with familiar characters. I'm fortunate that I am in a profession where I can embrace my interests. Last semester, I taught both a vampire literature and film course as well as an adolescent literature course. Royal Blood falls into both categories. But tonight, I'm putting away academia and enjoying a good story... and maybe feeling young (at heart) again.

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