Sunday, August 21, 2022

Garden update and macramé

When I’m terrible at keeping a blog, I’m usually writing somewhere else. This summer I researched and wrote a book and even received a book deal for my manuscript. It’s been quite a summer, which I will write more about later. This is a quick garden update. 

I’m writing this on my mobile so this post might be a disaster but I have been outside nearly all weekend soaking up the last moments of summer before the fall semester begins and my time is taken up with teaching. Last week was faculty development training so I’m already back to the compute. Like so many others, since the pandemic, I’ve been trying to find my own way of disconnecting and relaxing. I do like to keep busy but I’m trying to be more still. Yesterday was a day of gardening and trying a redo! 

A couple years ago, I bought a bunch of black iris bulbs to finally see which black iris was my favorite. Unfortunately, all the bulbs were chomped on and got infested with bugs during the winter. Here I am trying again. 8 black iris bulbs, another Dracula’s Kiss, and one with black and yellow. I tried to add a video but a screenshot of the video is probably the best I can do right now. Gardening means to keep trying. This place isn’t landscaped! 

A friend even gave me a gardening log book that I’ve never used  I always tell myself that I will remember what is planted where and I never do. This is my super rough sketch (I’m not an artist and don’t try to be. This is all about information.)

Many of my houseplants move to the back porch in the summer but I still have plenty in the house. I bought this cute bat macramé from an Etsy shop (shop tag pictured). He even came with his own name- Ivan!  

I have many cemetery trips to share. I finally started traveling again. Mind you, I haven’t gotten Covid and hope I won’t anytime soon. I’m not super people-y in general and my research focuses on those who are distanced (in the ground) and many years free of any viruses (because they’re dead!) For one of my long trips, I even stayed in a boutique style hotel that doesn’t include any staff on site. Check-in was remote. I only saw one other hotel guest at a distance. For that trip, my hotel was a suite with a refrigerator and microwave so I brought all of my food in a cooler. It was more an act of convenience than being afraid to eat at a restaurant although I’ve only eaten outdoors. I probably had the most healthful food-fruits and vegetables I’ve ever had on any trip. I would like to do this again. As an introvert, I naturally keep my distance. Apparently that is true even with this blog. Thanks for staying with me and reading this. (Insert awkward smile) 

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  1. Hey girl! I am so happy you kept up with blogging. I enjoy reading about your garden! Keep it up!