Sunday, June 14, 2015

... another historic home on the market and we peeped inside...

Today my fella and I looked at another *perfect* historic house right along the railroad tracks-- 601 S Center St in Ashland, built in 1850 and once home to Rev. W.W. Bennet D.D., President of Randolph-Macon College from 1877-1886.

I pass by so many of these historic beauties on my walks and enjoy watching them slowly be restored. My fella thinks that this place has the potential to be all gothed up. And now that I look at the picture, it does look a little spooky. I was enamored by the gardening potential since there was hardly any landscaping, and the fact that there was a long back porch AND a balcony off of one of the bedrooms.

Each time we attend an open house, we learn more about what we want; and, when we're ready we'll be able to buy the perfect house. I'm just hoping that when we're ready, it's the Elmira Shelton House that is being restored... preferably with the contractors including central air!

If you want a peep inside today's beauty, follow the link.Keep in mind that this isn't a historic renovation. That kitchen is super modern as are the bathrooms. The house still has many of the quirky features of a house of that time...including my fella had to watch his head when entering some of the rooms since the height of the doors were quite low... not for me but I'm only 5'4".


  1. Remember, you know someone who has LOTS of experience with the ins and outs of historic house renovation. With this place, the kitchen looks good ... modern, but not overly, unsympathetically so. The bathrooms are another subject entirely. Gag! (Ours here are gag-worthy, too, and I can coach you on how to overlook stuff like this as long as the plumbing functions as intended.) Now that I think of it ... I wonder how they got approval for what looks like vinyl siding in the Historic District?

    1. I'm pretty sure the siding is wood... only because it needed to be painted in the back (before the realtor showed up and we walked around the premises peeping in the windows :P )

      That bathroom with the spa tub *insert eye roll*. Johnathan tried to shield me from seeing that BUT he would actually use and appreciate it. I would be in the shower only. Claw foot tub upstairs is adorable... never practical but always adorable.

  2. Lots of potential in spite of a few too-modern areas inside. Just outdoors, I could see the house painted a soft gray, old white roses, black lilies, love-lies-bleeding and peonies flourishing, lush ferns, a stone sculpture, wrought iron bench....anyway! It would be a lovely home. Are you considering it?

  3. My husband and I got married last year and we've been in the process of renovating his townhouse to put it up for sale. Long story short our contractors suck and it took them 8 months. I refuse to carry three mortgages so we're only looking to learn at the moment. But then, this one has been on the market for over a year (they removed it and then re-added it to zillow which is why the days-on-the-market is only 300ish): So since Ashland isn't *that* big, it could be in the running as our forever home. The stairs are steep in this yellow house though. I'm not sure our hips could take that in old age ;)

  4. My aunt and uncle live in an old house in Britain where the doorways are too low for him. He used to always bump his head but he must be used to ducking by now.