Sunday, November 30, 2014

... TAG! You're It!...

Tagged by the lovely Sylvie at Little Corp Goth Girl
These are the questions in the Blogvember challenge:

What is the best thing about blogging?'
Although I’ve recently started this blog, I’ve been a *blogger* since February 2007. For my academic blog, it’s been a way for me to push my research forward and make it available to those who may actually benefit from it. It also helps me to be as open and transparent as possible in a field that often takes the detailed research and sits it on a shelf in the form of a book.
As for this blog, I feel like it’s been therapeutic.  I also enjoy connecting with like-minded individuals who help me grow.

What makes my blog special?
Hmmm. I’m not sure what exactly makes my blog special.  The gardening metaphor is used to document my own growth although I do include a bit of gardening since I’m slightly obsessed with my yard. I might add that my personal life has hijacked my blog focus a bit. I mean, I got married so of course that’s going to show itself a bit. Perhaps the blog is special because it’s documented the beginning of a new journey after I’ve been so bitter-ish about the past ones.

How does my blog look in a year?
Maybe I’ll have more followers :p
Hint Hint

Which was my best post?
My “…making tiny graveyards and a skull terrarium…” post was the most popular but I think that was because Noah Scalin, the artist from Skull-a-Day,  posted the pictures on his Facebook page. The second most popular post was my Happy Halloween & Shovel Contest Post! I’d like to think it was my super awesome contest that received two entries (quality not quantity!) but it was probably more because I had just gotten married.

What other blogs / bloggers inspire me?
Pretty much all of the blogs that I follow (which is public) inspire me in some way or another. 
I will note that VictorianKitty and Trystan L. Bass are my biggest shopping enablers since they post their amazing outfits. I blame them both for the dent in my wallet :)


  1. Yay! I hope you get more followers too!

    1. I just tossed that in there :) Quality readers instead of quantity! This will be my ongoing mantra.

  2. LOL I blame Victorian Kitty and Trystan for the dents in my wallet too

    1. Ha! It doesn't take much for me to fall down the spending hole...especially lately. Must.Stop.Spending.Sigh

    2. I know me too but now that the Holidays are around the corner, I am spending on everyone else!